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"The GAIA natural baby range of products has checked all the boxes for me in terms of what I have been looking for in products for my kids' bath time. As the tagline goes you can be rest assured, the products are pure, natural and organic, which is paramount in today's context. Having used primarily the baby shampoo, the baby body wash and the baby moisturizer, I came away extremely satisfied. The baby shampoo lathers, washes well and leaves behind the most calming smell owing to its unique blend of essential oils. Likewise, the bath and body wash is a dream to use as it does not dry out skin and has a soothing smell. The baby moisturizer too, I found, left my kids skin feeling soft and supple. I honestly couldn't ask for more and am immensely happy with GAIA's products. I see myself continuing with them for a long time to come!”

Mrs. Fahira Hameed

Co-Owner TLK


"I really enjoyed using these GAIA products on my baby knowing they were all natural organic ingredients and nothing harsh, or synthetic. The products are also soap and sulphate free, eczema friendly and made in Australia. Hence, I was so happy to learn that they’re now available in Colombo. They were all nice to use and gentle on my baby's skin. The lovely, clean, sweet smelling Bath and Body wash that does exactly what it says, and does not irritate sensitive skin, left my baby smelling sweet and feeling soft and moisturized. I also really enjoyed using the baby massage oil, and I know he loved it too."

Mrs. Samanthi Wijesekera

Attorney at Law


“Being an expatriate working mother I am excited about the launch of GAIA Skin Naturals in Sri Lanka. Having travelled to many countries across Europe, I have tried and tested many skin care products. I have always found Australian manufactured products to be superior in quality. GAIA Skin Naturals, an Australian made skincare range has stood up to my expectations.

I used GAIA Natural Baby on my five year old and I absolutely love it! I love the natural organic ingredients used in all the products and the subtle fragrance is refreshing. The Bath and Body Wash feels lovely on my daughter’s skin and it leaves a soft scent without drying her skin. The moisturizer is light and it absorbs quickly into her skin and does not leave a thick, creamy layer.

I used the wet wipes as a make up remover and let me reassure you that it doesn’t leave any residue and it does not leave your skin feeling stretchy and over dried like many other make up removers. The bamboo wipes are biodegradable making it environmentally friendly too! What more could I ask for, I would with certainty continue to use GAIA Skin Natural Products on my daughter and on myself.”

Mrs. Anita An


"Great products and we loved the body wash the best. The small bottles are great for traveling and the smell isn't too strong like the other products in the market"

Mrs. Sasha Wickremaratne

Director, Best Western Elyon Hotels, Sri Lanka


"I used this great range of GAIA products on my toddler and my three year old and was very happy with the results. No strong fragrance which can be horrible, just a sweet

lavender and citrus scent. The little bottles lasted for quite a while and the shampoo really was lovely to use as was the moisturizer, which both my little ones loved”.

“I would recommend GAIA products, especially as they use organic ingredients, making them extremely safe to use to protect baby soft skin."

Mrs. Anjali Mahendren


"Like any new mum I am very cautious with what I use on my little ones skin, I researched GAIA thoroughly before using the range which uses certified organic oils, is all natural and paraben free. I've found the products are very gentle and great to use”.

“I especially love the bath and body wash, you don't have to use a lot of it and it doesn't have any sickly sweet odour to it, which means that it doesn’t interfere with his gorgeous baby scent! Friends of mine also recommended the brand when I was pregnant as they would stock up on it whenever they travelled to Singapore, so I’m thrilled that we have it in Sri Lanka now as it is really good and safe to use!"

Mrs. Natasha Jayasuriya-Rajapaksa

Principal - Deanna School of Dancing


"Let me start by saying these products smell so yummy, are very moisturizing and I love that there are no nasty ingredients in them, they’re natural, organic and safe to use”.

“If your baby is like mine and loves to splash around when being bathed, then these products are super as rest assured that even if a little gets in their eyes, they're made with a no-tear formula so won’t sting! The baby massage oil was lovely, especially as my baby loves having her feet massaged. I must confess that I used a bit of the baby moisturizer on myself and plan on getting a big bottle for my personal use as I have sensitive skin and it felt lovely on my skin."

Mrs. Shevanthi Mahanama Shanmuganathan

Director - Spaces Home Decor and Shopping Girl

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