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Our Ingredients

It is hard to find good products that work for you, particularly if you have sensitive skin. A lot of thought and work goes into creating our products, ensuring they are gentle, effective and safe.

  • We use naturally derived and certified organic ingredients wherever possible.
  • We include nurturing ingredients known to be beneficial for skin.
  • We choose not to include ingredients known to irritate or dry your skin.
  • We have tried to make them affordable for everyday use.

Our formulations are created exclusively for our brand with a focus on researching ingredients, their benefits and more importantly, which ingredients not to include.

Michelle works extensively with our product development team, a highly skilled team of biochemists and aromatherapists to ensure our products adhere to high quality and safety standards.

Our product range is manufactured in professional laboratories, by experts that are passionate, resourceful and knowledgeable in the manufacture of skincare products that include naturally derived and organic ingredients.

We do not
Test Our Products
On Animals.
Our products are all
Cruelty Free Accredited.

  • All products are free from animal ingredients.
  • All products, excluding the nipple balm, are vegan friendly.
    The nipple balm contains beeswax.
  • No animal is harmed to formulate our products and we don't test on animals.

What do we use in our products?

All of our products have been tailored to suit sensitive skin, with carefully selected ingredients that are
well known for their low irritably towards skin.

Organic Calendula Extract

A favourite amongst herbalists, Calendula is very well known for its amazing calming abilities and is very soothing and gentle on irritated skin.

Organic Chamomile Extract

The most gentle of all herbs and is particularly soothing to skin whilst making skin soft and supple. Chamomile also helps to maintain the general health of hair and bring out natural highlights and shine.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Containing high amounts of essential fatty acids that improve the skin's ability to develop normal barrier functions, Evening Primrose Oil is commonly used for dry, flaky skin conditions.

Organic Avocado Oil

A very nourishing and beneficial oil for dry skin. It contains high concentrations of vitamins D and E, oleic and linolenic acids which are essential for developing normal dermal properties of skin.

Organic Shea Butter

Extremely moisturising, assists with suppleness and elasticity. Dry, damaged and irritated skin benefits the most from Shea Butter. Well known to help maintain skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks during pregnancy.

The Shea Butter used in GAIA products is sourced through a community project in Ghana. This community is supported with a Fair Trade agreement and the region is Certified Organic.

Wheat Germ Oil

Contains very high amounts of Vitamin E and improves suppleness and elasticity making it ideal for stretch marks and scarred skin.

Organic Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Provides a natural, gentle and soothing aroma. It is well known for its calming and soothing properties, and may be helpful for easing itchiness and skin affected by irritations.

Certified Organic
Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil

Naturally antibacterial and antiviral with a very gentle and pleasing aroma; used as a natural cleanser that is non-irritating.

Certified Organic
Roman Chamomile Pure Essential Oil

Distilled from fresh flowers since medieval times - it is used to soothe skin and promotes relaxation. You only need a very small amount of Chamomile to benefit from its properties.

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